Construction methods for the Sri Yantra

ucgadkw at ucgadkw at
Sat Apr 16 20:33:18 UTC 1994

There is an interesting discussion of the geometry of the Sriyantra in
George Gheverghese Joseph's book, The Crest of the Peacock: Non-
European Roots of Mathematics (Penguin, 1991), pp. 236 ff.   Joseph's
account is based largely on the articles of Bolton and Macleod
(Religion, v.7, 1977: 66-75) and Kulaichev (Indian Journal of History
of Science, v.19, 1984: 279-92.).  Joseph makes several interesting
points, though his links to the pyramids sounds a bit far fetched (even
he says so).  But his stuff is well worth reading.



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