Construction methods for the Sri Yantra

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Sat Apr 16 21:08:41 UTC 1994


Thanks, I was just searching through a general periodical index
and found:

Tahta, dick (The mathematical gazette. 03/01/92)
On the geometry of the sri yantra
MAR 01 1992 v 76 n 475 p 49-60

I will trundle over to the Math library soon on this one! In
general I find Math to be a poorly cataloged subject, on line at
least. Nearest index I could think of was INSPEC which apparently
does not cover this journal.

Rory Fonseca also seems concerned with the pyramids. He cites

The geometry of Zoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara
Rory Fonseca.
Journal Society of Architectural Historians
1986 Dec v45 n4 p333-338

(which is not available here) in his Sri Yantra article:

Constructive Geometry and the Sri-Cakra Diagram
Rory Fonseca
Religion (Academic Pr) v16p33 1986

Does anyone have Fonseca's or Tahtas EMail address?

-Greg Heil

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