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> From THRASHER at MAIL.LOC.GOV 05 1994 Apr GMT 16:01:16
Date: 05 Apr 1994 16:01:16 GMT

AUTHOR: MAIL.OWNERVPI               
Dear Friends: 
Would someone please tell me the person or e-mail address at Oxford 
University Press where I can find out more about the following problem?  I 
hasten to add that Oxford University Press in England is the victim, not the 
I recently ordered some books from India, and I have noticed something very 
disturbing.  (Please do not be put off by the titles of these books.  These 
are books of some literary, historical, and I beleive, anthropological 
importance.)  The implications of this problenm may extend to the sciences. 
In the books by Jim Corbett, "The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag," and 
"Man-Eaters of Kumaon," the text has been altered in several places, 
sometimes to the exact opposite of the meaning of the passage in the first 
edition.  In several places material has been cut.  I suspect the total is 
about 50 to 60 pages of altered or missing material. 
There is a pattern to the alterations.  Every passage that praises the Moslem 
poor of India has been cut, as well as a few that reflect badly on the Hindu 
elite.  The final passage of the first book, which expressed little 
confidence in the results of partitioning British India into India and 
Pakistan, has been altered to express confidence in the ability of the 
Gharwallis to rule all of India. 
At no place is there warning that the text has been altered or abridged.  The 
only indication is the words "Hardcover edition (Reset) 1988." in the 
printing history. 
Has the real Oxford University Press taken any action to stop publication of 
this butchered edition, or to restrict distribution?  Do the present 
computerized card catalogs have any way to indicate that this sort of fraud 
has taken place? 
These books are still available in 1994, and at 1/3 the price of other 
editions (that may be the correct text).  This has ominous implications for 
any publisher who licenses a book or periodical to be printed in India.  They 
may not only alter the text, they may also undercut the legitimate price. 
Frank E. Harris                      fharri at 
Optical Society of America           fharris at 
2010 Massachusetts AVE NW 
Washington, DC 20036-1023            Phone - 202-416-1904 
I express the above opinions as an individual, and not as the representative 
of any organization or company. 

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