Patanjali Yoga Sutras

gheil at gheil at
Mon Nov 29 23:21:52 UTC 1993

Dear Esteemed Indologists:

I am looking for a machine readable (transliterated) version of
the Patanjali sutras. I put out a general request for same on
talk.religion.misc and soc.religion.eastern and received no

I attempted to scan and OCR the 4 page transliteration in Konrad
Meisig's Yogasutra-Konkordanz. Unfortunately, though the typeset
is very clear, the font is too florid for my OCR software.
Perhaps he, or someone else who has used this text digitally,
could be reached by EMail?

Do you know of any better source of the text? I have a few that
would require scanning only a hundred pages or so, stillrather
impractical for 200 odd verses!

Greg Heil
gheil at


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