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[[Posted for Prof. John S. Hawley]]

In response to the posting by V. Siddharth dated 14 November on the
Vedic Studies initiatives as Columbia, a brief clarification of the
facts would seem to be in order. Mr. Siddharth is correct that there
have been discussions between the Hinduja Foundation and Columbia
University about the possible founding of a center in memory of Dharam
Hinduja. Contrary to Mr. Siddharth's statements, however, these
discussions are not complete, but still under way. The name, nature,
teaching and research focus, and exact academic location of the
proposed center are yet to be determined, as is any final agreement
between the Foundation and the University.

A separate but potentially related University Seminar on "The Veda and
its Interpretation" has been instituted as of this fall. The Columbia
University Seminars are a rubric under which scholars and professional
people within reach of New York gather on a monthly basis to consider a
range of topics -- from the Hebrew Bible to biodiversity -- in an
interdisciplinary setting. The first two sessions of the new University
Seminar on "The Veda and its Interpretation" featured papers by Prof.
Wilhelm Halbfass (University of Pennsylvania) and Prof. Wendy Doniger
(University of Chicago). The Seminar co-chairs are Dr. David Magier
(magier at and Prof. Laurie Patton (patton at
Brief reports on the first two meetings of the Seminar are available
upon request from Mr. Timothy Lubin, Seminar Rapporteur, University
Seminar on the Veda and its Interpretation, 606 Dodge Hall, Columbia
University, New York, NY 10027, USA.

John S. Hawley
Southern Asian Institute, Columbia University


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