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On Mon, 15 Nov 1993, Rosane Rocher wrote:

> Can we please screen out political messages, and keep this list 
> scholarly? 
> Rosane Rocher

Rosane, I was just sending you a book review. However I do agree that it
was too long, and perhaps it was "political". 

While I do not like the idea of this kind of censorship, I will certainly
refrain from posting this kind of stuff. The truth can wait. I am sure
that once the political equations in India change, many future
indology-netters will do their Ph.D on topics like this one. So these
issues will come back, while we pretend they do not exist.

Dileep S Karanth


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Subject: Etymology of the word Devalaka
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The word Devalaka was applied to a Temple Priest in olden times. I
have not seen it being used for any temple-priests these days. Does
anyone know any priests in India these days who call themselves
devalakas? Also can anyone suggest an etymology of this word?
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