Mon Nov 8 16:49:43 UTC 1993

Dear Professor Pollock,
what a pleasure to receive your letter. How are you? I hope
 you have a better time now. I wander how you can manage all
 things you manage. Time in this society is also much
 shorter than anywhere else.

So, we will not meet in Australia! But, have you already
 planned to come here?

Thank you for what you repeated to me. The news y o u  s a i
 d you could not find anybody "good enough"  for the
Sanskrit  position in your University is another typical lie
 from, I guess, the usual people (whom we know). (Divide et

I am concentrated on this autumn like a huntig dog scenting
 its game. I try to go at least once a week to the
 countryside or to parks, to walk in woods. But when there
 is not light anymore, I can not do nothing but smell my
 friendly Mediterranean sea and its warmth, my colours, the
 wanderful confusion of our streets and squares.

I will send my new article on striidharma, a little bit
 long, almost 70 pages, but I hope not too boring. I know
 you do not have time, but your opinions are well accepted!

This is my first time I write by computer; I hope to have my
 personal line soon.

Insomma, sembra molto difficile incontrarsi. Ci riusciremo
 prima o poi?
Cari saluti-

                           enrica garzilli


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