IXth Sanskrit Conference - Motel

purushottama bilimoria pbilmo at deakin.edu.au
Wed Nov 3 11:20:47 UTC 1993

The organisors have struck a deal with a decent motel two blocks from
the venue of the Sanskrit Conference. The motel room can be had for
single occupancy at Aus $65 a day or double at $79. This should suit
couples and people who might want to share a room (twin single beds
is another option). Having airconditioning and a swimming pool in the yard 
should make the summer evenings a little more bearable. It has a well-
stocked bar and a spacious lounge. we would like to suggest that
the majority of our guests and delegates from the colder regions of
the world should consider opting for the motel accommodation, even if
they have already nominated International House in the forms returned
to the Secretariat. Of course, no meals apart from breakfast come with
the motel room, but we are arranging for cheap lunch boxes ($2 per
person) to be available at the conference, and there is a function 
almost every evening. 

If this appeals to those who have already sent in their bookings, and
a change of booking is desirable please inform the Secretariat either
directly or through me via e-mail. We shall confirm the arrangements
and give you details of the motel. 

(The virtues of having an e-mail address is that when someone spotting
my name in the third brochure thought he would make contact after a lapse
of some years, scribbled simply my last name followed by the e-mail
address and posted it. It reached me like any regular posted mail!)

Dr BILIMORIA <pbilmo at deakin.edu.au>

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