Bahuvrihi Compounds

Brendan S. Gillon CXBG at MUSICA.MCGILL.CA
Wed May 5 01:26:54 UTC 1993

Here is what is said in the introduction to the Joshi &
Roodbergen translation of A 2.2.23-38 (p. vii of the

Panini borrowed the names of these types of cps from earlier
grammarians. All of them are significant. The term avyayibhava
tells that the cp. is an avyaya "indelcinable". The term tatpurusa
means "his servant", and is a sample of the class which it designates. T
The term dvigu is a sample of the dvigu class. It means "bought
for two cows". The term bahuvrihi is again a sample term,
meaning "(a country) where much rice grows". . .

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