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Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at
Tue Mar 30 13:56:00 UTC 1993

I have just uploaded two new files for general access.  At present these
files are available for anonymous ftp from
in the directory

The files are:

   The first five and a bit chapters of the Rasaratnasamuccaya of
   Vaagbha.ta.  This is an alchemical text.  Here is the readme file:

---------- beginning of vagbrasa readme --------------

The Rasaratnasamuccaya of Vaagbha.ta: machine readable transcription

This archive contains the following two files:

 Length  Method   Size  Ratio   Date    Time   CRC-32     Name ("^" ==> case
 ------  ------   ----  -----   ----    ----   ------     ----   conversion)
  69027  Deflate  25083  64%  19-03-93  12:54  2aa7f785  ^rrs.dn
 238785  Deflate  78554  67%  19-03-93  13:02  dbb4c51d  ^
 ------          ------  ---                              -------
 307812          103637  66%                              2

rrs.dn  is the machine readable transcription of the Rasaratnasamuccaya,
        up to 5.23.  Transliterated using the 7-bit scheme of Frans Velthuis.  is a PostScript image of the 42 pages of the text, ready to print
        on any PostScript printer.

>From the header file of rrs.dn:

% The Rasaratnasamuccaya of Vaagbha.ta: machine readable transcription,
% based on the Anandaa"srama Sanskrit Series edition, vol. 19,
% edited by K.r.s.naraava"sarman Vinaayaka Baapa.ta, Poona 1890.
% Covers up to chapter 5, verse 23.
% Sanskrit teet transcribed for formatting with LaTeX, using the
% Devanagari font by Frans Velthuis, and the associated tranlisteration
% scheme.  (Cf. the file, available on the Internet by ftp
% fCom sites like etc.)
% Transcription by Wieslaw Mical, Som Dev Vasudeva and Anne Glazier,
% of SOAS, London.

Dominik Wujastyk
19 March 1993.
----------------- end of vagbrasa readme ----------------

   This is a newccopy of  The only change is that I have
   added the file, a PostScript version of the charset.tex
   file after processing with TeX.  This should make it more easily
   available to people with PS pri
ters (just copy the file directly
   to the printer).  There are some tricky characters in the file,
   and anyway, not everyone has TeX (extraordinarily enough).

These two files will be forwarded to the INDOLOGY listserv in due
course so that those of you without ftp can order the files by

[Incidentally, you may have noticed that I am naming archives of text files
by using the first four letters of the author's name followed by the first
four letters of the title.  This is one of the search keys used by the OCLC
library cataloguing system, and it is surprisingly effective in narrowing
down the book required.]

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