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Thu Mar 25 21:14:00 UTC 1993

This is in response to Dominik's invitation to post notices of our
recently published books.
My edited collection, "Siblings in South Asia:  Brothers and Sisters
in Cultural Context," has just been published by Guilford Press as the
first in a new series on culture and human development.
Contributors include Alan Beals, Victor deMunck, Judy Dunn, Pauline
Kolenda, Judy Pugh, Susan Seymour, and Thomas Weisner.
The purpose of the book is to address these questions:  Do different
types of households and family structures affect the development of
sibling relations?  Are cultural concepts of personhood expressed in
siblingship?  How do brothers and sisters respond to the expectation
that they should get along?
The book is divided into two parts.  The first focuses on the organization
of sibling relations in childhood and adulthood in South Asia.  The
second part focuses on the representation of cultural dn psychological
meanings of sibling relations through mythology, astrology, and life
Copies may be ordered from Guilford Press (New York).
Charles W. Nuckolls
Department of Anthropology
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322 USA

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