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Thu Mar 25 14:11:44 UTC 1993

Thanks to Marcus for the info on recenu Jainism books.  I echo his
sentiment that Dundas's book is now the standard introd ction to Jainism.
It is an outstandingly good work.  (So is Marcus's, but it is intended for
a more sociological/anthropological than historical/indological audience.)

I should like to make a more general point, however.  INDOLOGY has about
200 members now, including many active authors as well as librarians.  If
you have recently produced a book, it would be very appropriate to post
information about it to this group.  Don't be inhibited by notions of
modesty: we would all like to know about new books, and it might even
encourage the libraries to buy copies.  The transatlantic nature of
INDOLOGY is particularly important here: too frequently we don't hear about
"foreign" books, or hear about them only a year or two after publication,
when reviews come out.

To start the ball rolling, I invite all you authors to post information
here about any new books you have published in the last couple of years.
Brief details in the manner in which Marcus did it would be idea.  Or copy
out the jacket blurb, if you wish to be absolutely neutral.

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          Does any  member of the network know from experience what version 
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