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Tue Mar 16 18:07:52 UTC 1993

Is there anyone in this newsgroup who is working on
Malayalam, the history of Kerala, etc.?

Please send me mail at dran at

Paliath Narendran 

> From rapus at 16 93 Mar CST 14:13:00
Date: 16 Mar 93 14:13:00 CST
From: "tamhane, pushkar" <rapus at>

A mathematical package for working with matrices called MATLAB has a 
built in function which generates a magic square of a given
dimension. I have personally not tried it out, but, their newsletter
has some pretty interesting claims about it.

	Pushkar Tamhane
	Department of Aerospace Eng. and Eng. Mechanics
	University of Texas at Austin
	pushkar at


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