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              School of Oriental and African Studies

                      (University of London)

                       Lectureship in Tamil

Applications are invited for a Lectureship in Tamil and South
Indian Studies in the Department of the Languages and Cultures
of South Asia.

The appointee will be required to teach Tamil language and
literature, and to provide South Indian coverage for the
Department's broader programme of courses on South Asia. 
Candidates should have a good practical and theoretical knowledge
of Tamil and a commitment to the active pursuit of research is
essential.  The appointment will be effective from 1 October

The Lecturer salary scale is 13,400-24,736 pounds plus
2,134 pounds London Allowance.

Application forms and further particulars may be obtained from
the Personnel Office, School of Oriental and African Studies,
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG (Tel: 071-637
2388 ext. 2234).  Please telephone between 2 pm and 5 pm.
Overseas candidates may apply directly by letter supported by a
full curriculum vitae and the names and address of three

Closing date: 23 April 1993.

The School is an Equal Opportunities employer.


    Department of the Languages and literatures of South Asia

              School of Oriental and African Studies

                       University of London

          Lectureship in Tamil and South Indian Studies

The Department of the Languages and Literatures of South Asia
offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes based
on the following lPanjabi, Sanskrit, Sinhalese, Urdu.  Tamil, unavailable since the
recent retirement of Dr. J.R. Marr, is to be reinstated in 1993.

Undergraduate courses are modular, and based on a 4-course year.
Most undergraduate students are registered for three-year joint
honours degrees, in which the allocation of study is divided more
or less equally between (a) language and literature courses
taught within the Department, and (b) courses in other
disciplines taught elsewhere within the School (Art &
Archaeology, Development Studies, Economics, Geography, History,
Law, Linguistics, Music, Politics, Religious Studies, or Social
Anthropology).  A single-subject South Asian degree features two
new literature and culture courses based on English
source-materials and team-taught by various members of the

In addition to the BA programmes, a language and literature
element is also included as an option in the MA Area Studies
programme; and postgraduate research supervision is provided for
MPhil and PhD degrees in most South Asian languages and
literatures.  Members of staff will also be contributing to the
new MS in Comparative Literature which is to be introduced in

The academic year begins in late September, and examinations fall
in May/June, the total number of teaching weeks being 24.  Each
undergraduate course averages three teaching hours per week,
through three terms.  Some students join the programme already
having some background in a South Asian language; such students
usually join the course at second-year level, and follow a
suitably modified course of study through the three years of
their degree.  Able students are encouraged to study a second
language also.

Regular seminars are held within the Department, providing an
opportunity for staff members and research students to discuss
their work, and the appointee would be expected to be involved
in such seminars both as presenter and as discussant.  Great
emphasis is placed upon the importance of an active commitment
to research and publication.

The new appointee will be expected to contribute language and
literature teaching at various levels, including regular
elementary language tuition, and also to the courses in `South
Asian Culture' and `South Asian Literature' which form the core
of the South Asian Studies degree.  The new lecturer's own
interests and specialisations will of course be taken into
account in the allocation of teaching and in the development of
an integrated Tamil component of the degree str ctures described
above.  The duties of the post will include some teaching of a
related discipline, such as Religious Studies (with Saivism a
particular emphasis), Comparative Literature, or History.

A commitment is also expected to the School's Centre of South
Asian Studies, which exists specifically to bring together the
various disciplines having a common interest in the region
through regular seminars and ongoing interdisciplinary research

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          LOC  has  a  vol.  of minor works  of Tulasidasa with interleaved 
          blank  pages  and extensive notes, which  there  is  some  slight 
          reason to think may have belonged once  to George Grierson.  Does 
          anyone  have examples of  his handwriting, in  both  English  and 
          Nagari, they could send me for comparison? 
          Likewise we have recently acquired a  copy of Bhaskara's Lilavati 
          with  the signature of  F. Edward Hall, i.e. Fitzedward Hall, and 
          extensive corrections and annotations.  Does anyone  have samples 
          of his handwriting in both scripts of which they could send us  a 
          If  no  one  can directly supply me with copies of  the hands, do 
          they know where some of Grierson's and Hall's papers are held?  
          Please reply directly to  me (THRASHER at MAIL.LOC.GOV) rather  than 
          to INDOLOGY. 
          Allen Thrasher 
          Asian Div. 
          Library of Congress 
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          To  all  who responded to  my messages of  last month about magic 
             Thank you very much for your assistance.  I  will try  to type 
          up  my bibliographies on  the  subject, starting  with  the  most 
          important categories of  items,  and  adding  the  new  citations 
          people have so kindly sent, and will advertise their availability 
          via the network.  Unfortunately I  am not enough of  a hacker yet 
          to make them available online but I will be able to send them out 
          on diskettes or paper. 
          Allen Thrasher 
          Asian Division 
          Library of Congress 
          Washington, DC 20540-4744 
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