WNRI outline fonts available for ftp

Tue Jun 29 18:00:04 UTC 1993

Thomas' Washington Romanized Indic fonts are _not_ Macintosh ready!
I received the file WNRIR.TTF today and it is only a text file.
It is possible to _translate_ this to a Mac TrueType format
by changing the filetype to BINA and the creator type to mdos and
then opening the font in Fontographer and saving it as a
Mac TrueType font. Obviously not everyone has Fontographer so
I'll be happy to convert them into a readable format and then
send them to blackbox.hacc.washington.edu or directly to Thomas
so he can put them there. I would suggest creating a folder
just for Mac versions and another for the PC versions already there.
I have some misgivings still about the suitability of one-to-one
mapping of CSX PC encoding to the Macintosh format. This is because
utilities which routinely transfer text from one format to the other
(say from WordPerfect DOS to MacWrite) automatically perform
character substitution between the two character sets--so as far as
I can see the Mac CSX layout will have to be different. Would anyone
like to help me test this? It should be simple. I'll upload a very short
text, say a few pieces of the Cha/ndogyopanis*ad in 7-bit format.
Someone who uses a PC and Thomas' new fonts (or any canonical PC CSX
font) will reset the text into a WordPerfect document, .ZIP it up
and send it to me. I can unzip it and try to transfer it to my Mac.
Then we'll see if it works. Anyone game?
Michael Everson
School of Architecture, UCD; Richview, Clonskeagh; Dublin 14; E/ire
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