update to outline fonts inventory on blackbox

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at blackbox.hacc.washington.edu
Tue Jun 29 23:29:15 UTC 1993

I have today added to the pub/indic/outlines directory on
blackbox.hacc.washington.edu two additional fonts:
   a) a prototype Velthuis Nagari
   b) a Greek font (yes! it is an indological language) based on
      Levy's metafont greek.

As noted in the file UPDATES, the Nagari font is not actually usable
at this point; there are some severe problems involved in encoding
and possibly division of the font into 2 parts which I do not now,
and may never, have the time to deal with.  I am making it available
so that anyone with the requisite degree of interest may attempt a
solution without having to start from zero.


NB: these files may be copied via (and only via) anonymous ftp:
    if you do not know how to do 'anonymous ftp' please contact
    a computer-support person at your institution for information.

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