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> After some confusion I managed to download the specifications to
> the CS and CSX code pages. I don't have a TeX reader so I had to
> guess a bit about some of the formatting, but it was legible enough.
> What I want to do is make a Macintosh font I can use to prepare
> text files in a format which will be acceptable on many formats;
> so here's my question: since the characters in PC page 437 have
> different values than on the Mac code page (location of German
> SHARP S is different, for instance), I'm wondering if a utility
> like Apple File Exchange doesn't remap PC and Mac text somewhat
> so that E-ACUTE remains E-ACUTE across the code pages. So when
> I make a Mac CS/CSX compatible font, do I just follow the
> layout given here, or do I remap? Is this clear? Is there a
> Mac implementation already of CS?

Yes, Madhav Deshpande's fonts use CSX coding and are for the Mac.  But see
also today's announcement by Tom Ridgeway.  Get his outline fonts from
blackbox.hacc.washington.edu:/pub/indic/outlines and try those.  They should
work fine on a Mac.

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