ManjushreeCSX font for Romanized Sanskrit on Windows 3.1.

madhav.deshpande at madhav.deshpande at
Tue Jun 22 18:09:52 UTC 1993

        After prodding from a number of people, I have created a Windows
3.1. compatible TrueType version of my Romanized Sanskrit font: ManjushreeCSX.
It is possible to enter the extended characters under Windows with Alt+four
numbers.  I would like some technical advice from anyone out there about how,
if at all, this task of entering extended characters under Windows can be
simplified.  Personally, I have been so much taken by the ease with which
I can use the ManjushreeCSX and the Devanagari Madhushree Fonts on the
Mac.  Is there a way to create a somewhat similar easy-to-enter procedure
under Windows?  This is especially crucial for using Devanagari under Windows
with a full set of 255 characters.  Currently, I have transferred my fonts
to the Windows environment.  However, I cannot think of any easy way to
enter these characters.  I would welcome any suggestions, comments!
                        Madhav M. Deshpande
                        University of Michigan

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