Sanskrit etexts

Fri Jun 18 20:18:02 UTC 1993

On Fri, 18 Jun 93 20:02:03 BST Lars Martin Fosse said, in Norwegian,
>Michael, er det noen hos dere som har dataregistrerte sanskrit-tekster de
>kunne tenke seg } dele med andre? Selv skriver jeg inn fablene fra de to
>f|rste b|kene av Panchatantra, og kunne godt tenke meg } "bytte" tekster
>med andre.
Which I don't think he meant to send to the Indology list but:
He wants to know if anyone has encoded Sanskrit texts which could
be exchanged. He himself has prepared the fables from the first
boosk of the Pan%catantra.
I only subscribed to this list today! :-) and I am busy reading the
archives. I note that in the archives there are copies of the
Buddhacarita and several other things (which names I can't read
while I'm in this mailer). I myself have some S/ankara and
Patan%jali around somewhere. Are the texts in the Indology archive
text-only or something else? I'd like to know if I can read them
on the Mac.
Mon det er et svar til Din sp|rgsm}l, Lars?
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