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I do not know of the report you mention.

But you might be interested to know that I developed a sorting program for
Devanagari.  It works with source files originally created with
Multi-Lingual Scholar and runs on a PC.  It is possible that depending on
the nature of your source files it might be of use to you.  I could send
you more details if you are interested. Devanagari sort order is dependent
on the language also, as Hindi, Rajasthani, Marathi and Nepali have
slightly different sort orders.fsf regards,

Peter Friedlander

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  Dwight R. Holmes inquired last month about sources for Devanagari
TrueType fonts.
  The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Poona,
(established by the Department of Electronics, Government of India)
has a strikingly fine set of TrueType fonts for all the Indian
languages.  (This is the same group responsible for the GIST card, a
board for creating a multilingual machine from several different types
of computers.)  Many of the scripts are available in multiple type
faces.  For instance, as of April there were 9 faces each for
Devanagari and Gujarati, 6 for Tamil, and 2 for Oriya.  Other scripts
include:  Thai, Sinhala, Cyrillic, Persian, and Tibetan.
  Characters are encoded using the Government of India standard,
  A staff member from C-DAC, stationed in Madras to work on Tamil,
gave me a demonstration in April.  I also spoke with Mr. Rajaram Bhat
of Quark Computers, one of the retail firms authorized to sell the
fonts.  The pricing for Indian scripts is arranged according to
levels.  Level one, for all the available fonts in any single script,
is Rs. 12,000.  Level two, for any two languages, is Rs. 24,000.
Level three, for all Indian scripts, is Rs. 38,000.  All of the non-
Indian scripts are offered as a separate package for Rs. 30,000.  In
each case, the price includes all additional fonts or improvements
developed during the year after purchase.
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