Indic Sorting Report Sought

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Fri Jun 4 20:59:45 UTC 1993

                                           Friday, June 3, 1993
     Does anyone have a copy of know the location of a coppy of:
"An Alphabetization procedure for Devanagari Words" by S.P.Mudur.
NCSDCT Tech. Report (under preparation) 1978  ?  It is cited thus
in "Computer Input Outpput in Devanagari" by S.P.Mudur and L.S.
Wakankar. Technical Report 19, March 1978 of the National Centre for
Software Development and Computing Techniques [the aforementioned
NCSDCT} of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha
Road, Bombay 400 005.  
     "Under preparation" means I'm not absolutely sure it was issued.
     Other descriptions of requirements for decent Indic script
sorting would also be of interest.
     Thanks in advance,
          Jim Agenbroad ( jage at [that's one before the
                                             dot and L after])

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