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Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at
Fri Jul 2 12:32:14 UTC 1993

I forward here a message from my colleague Dr Peter Friedlander, who has
been trying out the new wnri fonts under Windows:

02-07-93 P.G. Friedlander

**Notes on Washingtion Indic Roman fonts**

I have experimented with these fonts for the past few days and find them
very good in general.  I tried them out in Windows 3.1 in standard mode on
a 286 and in enhanced mode on a 386sx, and printed them on an HP laserjet
III.  I have tried them in Write, FileMaker Pro, and UniVerse. A few points
worth noting may be as follows;

(1)  The True Type versions are generally better than the ATM versions.
The screen display is better, the bottom level of the characters lines up
in all font sizes I tried in True Type, but not so in ATM.  The problem of
not lining up the base line is also clear in printed 10 point in ATM where
the m and n underdot print above the base line.

(2) The ATM fonts have several bugs in them, the lowercase h underdot and
the uppercase M underdot print out wrong in italic, in both instances the
underdot gets mixed up with the character

(3) Small point sizes do not display well as screen fonts, below 14 point
in Write, and below 18 point in FileMaker.

(4) There is also a problem with uppercase N tilde (ASCII 165).  In
TrueType, this is interpreted as italic uppercase N in both standard and
italic fonts and only appears correctly in the bold font.  In ATM it
printed out OK in normal and bold, but without its tilda in italic (I
suspect this may have something to do with a font substitution table).

(5) Ditto for uppercase L underdot, in TrueType and ATM italic it lost its

(6) Its easy to use the Windows RECORDER progam to map the characters to
keys such as [ctl]+a for a macron etc.  Although problems with Accelerator
key conflict can occur dependent on the application. But, it works all
right in Write and FileMaker.

(7) Finally, in UniVerse (a unicode compliant Word Processor) it is not
possible to use the diacritic characters as typing in their ASCII numbers
does not produce any result at all.  But, apart from these minor glitches,
the fonts seem to be just what is needed for Indologists using the Windows

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