outline fonts and encodings

Thu Jul 1 23:24:29 UTC 1993

On Wed, 30 Jun 93 22:01:01 BST <JHUBBARD at smith.smith.edu> said:
>By the by, I have also had the same experience trying to take PC Word
>Perfect documents to Word Perfect on the Mac-- those damn friendly machines
>re-map for you. I can imagine that for some folks it actually works (given
>that a French accent, say, is in a different upper ASCII slot in the PC
>Roman 8 character set than whatever the Mac uses), but it drove me nuts.
>Again, I simply gave up. Perhaps if somebody understands the mapping a
>table could be devised to translate the translated text!
OK, Jamie. You use a PC, I use a Mac. Can you use the WNRI fonts?
Will you convert some 7-bit text I send to 8-bit in WordPerfect
and send them zipped (or on disk) to me so I can see how the Mac
remaps them? Then I can remap them _for_ the Mac and we'll never
hence have this problem.
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