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Mon Dec 20 21:39:56 UTC 1993

> Dear Readers,
> 	I am working with someone on a project concerning monsters and 
> malevolent spirits, etc.  During my studies of this wholesome topic over 
> the years I have seen references to the churel--the spirit of a woman who 
> has died in childbirth or as a result of some other polluting event.  Some 
> sources say that the churel has her feet on backwards, a motif I think I 
> have encountered in the folklore of other cultures. Does anyone know the 
> significance of this anatomical oddity other than the obvious fact the 
> footprints would be misleading?  Has anyone heard stories from informants 
> who talk about experiences with the churel?
> 	I realize this is not the usual talk of fonts and things but I 
> thought someone out there might have interests as warped as my own and 
> might be able to help.
> 	Thanks,
> Martha Anandakrishnan
you may want to look at the 'kichkanyaa' stories from Nepal--the enticing
young female 'ghost' [a generic term] who hangs out under banyan/pipal
trees at night for young men--the backward feet are *the* telltale sign.
in 13 yrs in nepal i heard many first & 'second'-hand ghost stories,
but never in the case of kichkanyaa stories--seems people treat them
more as mythical folklore and not as 'reality'.

dwight holmes

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