malevolent dead

Mon Dec 20 16:19:28 UTC 1993

Dear Readers,
	I am working with someone on a project concerning monsters and 
malevolent spirits, etc.  During my studies of this wholesome topic over 
the years I have seen references to the churel--the spirit of a woman who 
has died in childbirth or as a result of some other polluting event.  Some 
sources say that the churel has her feet on backwards, a motif I think I 
have encountered in the folklore of other cultures. Does anyone know the 
significance of this anatomical oddity other than the obvious fact the 
footprints would be misleading?  Has anyone heard stories from informants 
who talk about experiences with the churel?
	I realize this is not the usual talk of fonts and things but I 
thought someone out there might have interests as warped as my own and 
might be able to help.
Martha Anandakrishnan

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