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The following collection of information appeared in comp.fonts today,
and I thought INDOLO-GISTS might be interested:

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Subject: Information on GIST Writing System For Indic Languages
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 15:03:45 GMT
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Hello Friends,

	I have seen several queries regarding Indian Language Fonts and 
Script systems on the Net. Being myself interested in this topic, and led 
by Mr. Abhijit Datta's message that such "Professional Quality" software
is avaialable from The Government of India sponsered Research Institute
named C-DAC, I have contacted them to obtain details. They have provided 
the following information about their software and hardware products which
I am putting on the net with their permission for the benefit of other people.
Below is the communication of their permission, which also gives contact
address if you want to obtain their products. (PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE NO 
CONTACTS OR INTEREST IN C-DAC and I am putting this information on the net 
for "purely" information sake. - K.Desikachary)
	Dear Mr. Krishna Desikachary,
		Thanks for your keen interest in Gist-products. It will be 
	really nice, if you put the provided information on the internet, so
	that interested people can contact us directly. Give the contact 
	email address as follows :

		Ms. Mita Karajagi,
		Gist (Marketing),
		email: mita at

		Once again thanks for the nice gesture. Kindly let me know
	if you require any other information.

	-Mita Karajagi



  The synopsis of the  products  offered  are  given below:


GIST  CARD - Is a plug-in card for IBM PC, which allows existing  character 
oriented  software packages to be used along with any of the  Indian,  Perso-
Arabic, Thai, Tibetan, Sinhalese or European scripts.

GIST  TERMINAL  - Is compatible to VT 100/200/300, and allows  the  GIST 
Scripts to be used along with the existing software on multi-user computers, 
with operating systems such as UNIX/XENIX.

ROBUST  PC-AT : is a 386/486 PC with a VGA monochrome monitor. It  has 
been  designed  for  working in extreme environments,  and  has  an  Internal 
maintenance-free battery which would power the unit for three hours.

GIST  PRINTER SPOOLER : It receives characters through a serial  or  parallel 
port,  and prints them using the graphics-mode of a dot-matrix printer. It  off 
loads the host computer from script printing burden.

CGIST AND PAL OVERLAY CARDS - CGIST card i a plug-in card for IBM-PCs 
which  generates  a  high resolution PAL display for  TV  monitors.  The  PAL 
overlay card allows the display generated by the CGIST card to be  overlayed 
on an external video.


APEX LANGUAGE PROCESSOR (ALP) - Allows typing of all the Indian scripts 
through  the common INSCRIPT keyboard overlay.It has Word Star  compati-
bility  commands, and provides WYSIWYG printouts on dot-matrix and  Laser 

except it does not allow edited files to be saved and does not support  spell-
checking  facility.  It  contains all the scripts, making  it  possible  to 
browse through a text file prepared through ALP and even print it.

ISFOC SCRIPT MANAGER (ISM) - Allows Indian scripts to be typed using the 
INSCRIPT  keyboard,  within any package running  under  MS-WINDOWS.  A 
variety  of type-faces are available for each script, along their matching 
English counterparts.

TRANSNAME - Allows conversion of a database containing names in  English 
to its equivalent in any of the Indian scripts. It consults a comprehensive 
list of English/Indian script names for achieving this. 

CAPTION EDITOR - Allows creation of color caption for video display,  which 
integrate  Indian scripts and Graphics. A variety of font sizes and  styles  
are available.

complete  desk  top publishing package tightly integrated with  ISM  allowing 
the  usage  of all Indian script. All the ISFOC fonts available  with  ISM  
have also been incorporated into it.


LIPS RECEIVER - When connected between a VCR and a TV,allows a user to 
select the language subtitles available on the tape. The subtitles are recorded 
in a manner that they are not normally visible.

LIPS  CREATION STATION -Based on the Robust PC-At. It allows  interactive 
creation  of  subtitles  for a video, using a normal VCR  and  a  TV.  Different
languages,  subtitles  floppies can be later merged to make  a  LIPS  subtitled 
video tape.

CAPTION  STATION  - Allows creation of captions for video, in  several  lan-
guages,  with a WordStar compatible interface. Captions are displayed  using 
high -resolution fonts, in several type-faces and type-styles.

Please find below a pointwise reply to your questionaire :

1.  For working in Indian languages on a 486 based PC running  Microsoft 
Window  3.1 you could use ISM package.

2.  It supports postscript printers.

3.  The entire HPLJ series is supported.

4.  ISM supports all Indian Languages.

5.  The pricing structure for ISM is given below.

ISM & ALP Single Script package 	$ 445  
(For any one Indian script,
 Roman  and ALP for Roman
 and the selected script)

ISM & ALP Multi Script package 		$ 860
(For any two Indian Scripts,
 Roman and ALP for Roman and
 the selected Indian scripts)

 ISM Add-on Script package 		$ 75
(For any one Indian script)

Lan Version and Site-Lock options are also available.

6.  You could procure them from our distributors in U.K. The address is given 
below.  You  can  get in touch with us for  the  procurement  as well.  Please  
send a demand draft payable to CDAC along with the order. 

Mr.Richard Raby
63rd Woodhead Road, Holmfirth
Tel:(+44-484) 686396
Fax: 687320

Trust you find the above in order. For further details please get in touch with 

With Regards

-Mita Karajagi.

(Note from KD. Although you can get these products from UK, C-DAC prefers 
 that you contact it first, if I interpret Ms. Karajagi's message correctly.) 



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