Ja.t-asi.mhanandin's Var-a;ngacarita

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Does anybody have full bibliographic information on a work by
Ja.t-asi.mhanandin (or Ja.tila, or Ja.t-ac-arya), the Var-a;ngacarita? It
is mentioned in Warder,  1930f). I would also like to know where I can
borrow a copy, preferably in Scandinavia, but if not there, anywhere.

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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The Varangacarita of Jatacarya was filmed as part of a joint U.
Chicago-HarvardProject just concluded.  You or your librarian can order a
copy from Harvard University Microreproduction Service.  The citation is as
follows (I'll leave out the diacritics; you know where they are, of course):

Jatacarya. [Varangacarita]. Jatasimhanandi viracitam Varangacarita
[microform].  Bombay: Manikacandra Digambara Jainagranthamala, 1938.
(Manikacandra Digambara Jaina granthamala, no. 40) The editor is A.N.

In this and a concurrent project, about 4,000 Sanskrit titles were filmed. 
James Nye, U. of Chicago Bibliographer for Southern Asia, says that a catalog
will be forthcoming soon.

I have not checked to see if other editions of the Varangacarita exist.

Bill Alspaugh, U. of Chicago Library

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          Re your query on Jatasimhanandin's Varangacarita:  
          Library of Congress has  a copy of this book.  I will fax  you  a 
          copy  of   the   t.p.   etc.   Unfortunately  LC   has  suspended 
          interlibrary loans overseas, for budgetary reasons, but you could 
          request the whole book be photocopied through the                 
          Photoduplication Service,  LA123, Washington, DC  20540-5230, fax 
          (202) 707-1771.  The pagination is xiv, 88, 395 p., but  the book 
          is duodecimo, so that you can get two pages per exposure. 
          Allen Thrasher 
          Southern Asia Section 
          Library of Congress 
          thrasehr at mail.loc.gov                                             

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