Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Thu Dec 2 18:36:06 UTC 1993

Dear Esteemed Indologists:

I am still seeking a machine readable (transliterated) version of
the Patanjali sutras. Note that a Devnagri version would also be
useful if the character mapping is reasonably uncomplicated. As
would be a citation to a compact printing of the Sutras.

In the mean time I have scanned and OCR's the index to "The Yoga
Sutras of Patanjali" by C Chapple & EP Kelly, Sri SatGuru Publ.
'1990 and the index to H Aranya's "Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali"
SUNY Albany Pr.'83. Would be interested in anyones technical
comments on my OCR transcriptions and am willing to share same
with the group.

The Chapple/Kelly is particular useful to me as it is essentially
a concordance and thus can be inverted to, close to, the original

LM Fosse suggested the use of the Optopus OCR sytem for PC. I am
interested in sharing the transliteration scan I mentioned
earlier (Konrad Meisig's "Yogasutra-Konkordanz"). with anyone who
has capable software.

Greg Heil
gheil at

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