Indian fonts with TeX

Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at
Wed Dec 1 18:02:09 UTC 1993

I have had several queries about getting TeX and its fonts, e.g.,
Devanagari, Malayalam, etc.

There are several major TeX software archives that have *everything* to do
with TeX, including fonts.  One of these is, and it has a
gopher server too, which makes it easy to use.  Look under ...\languages for
the Indian fonts.

If you are new to TeX, then the best implementation for DOS and OS/2 is
called emTeX; for the Mac, look for OzTeX (or CMaCTeX which is also good).

All these are available from  But TeX is quite big (emTeX is
about ten diskettes worth) so you may need help getting started.  Contact
the TeX Users Group, whose address is tug at  There is a lot of
helpful, freely available documentation, guides for installation, etc, etc.
TUG will help.  Tell TUG where you are, and ask them for the names of some
local TUG members who could help you directly.  Ask for a recent copy of
the TUG journal, _TUGboat_.

Best wishes,

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