Malayalam fonts

Jeroen Hellingman jhelling at
Wed Dec 1 12:58:38 UTC 1993


I am the author of the Malayalam Metafont. A copy of it is available on in directory /pub/TEX/FONTS/.

I am currently working on some improvements and porting it to the Macintosh,
to work in conjunction with OzTeX. This will be made available soon.

Any questions and remarks can be send directly to me, on the below E-mail

Jeroen Hellingman

Jeroen Hellingman                 E-mail: <jhelling at>
't Zand 2                         Phone: +31-3473-73935 (home)
4133 TB Vianen                    (18.00--21.00 GMT)
The Netherlands                   Answer in English, German, or Dutch.

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