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Does anyone on the Indology network have any information on "a video
dealing with the American-Asian Indian experience" made by Prem Nagpal? 
I found a reference to it in the special issue "Deshi-Videshi: South Asian
Expatriate Writing and Art" of the Massachusetts Review (winter 88-89,
p. 578).  Any infornation, such as its exact topic, location, date, and 
how it can be obtained, would be appreciated. 
Rosane Rocher

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Does anyone know when the practice of bestowing a mala or kanthi became a
regular part of guru-diksha? I am particularly interested in the Shri
Sampradaya and the Kabir Panth, but accounts predating these (i.e. pre-15th
Cent.) would also be of interest.
					David Swain
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