Peter D Banos pdb1 at
Tue Aug 17 14:24:46 UTC 1993

My understanding is that Prof Barbara Miller did complete her
translation of the yogasutras before her death; even managed to finish
going over the proofs with her editor. I don't know when it will be
coming out. If you want a guess I'd say later this year or more likely
early next year. I can ask around. I believe it's Bantam Press, same as
her Bhagavadgita. I've seen drafts of the translation and introduction;
like all her work it makes a serious effort to be attentive to the
texture, the internal resonances of the original as well as to the
literal word-by-word denotation.
I would have posted this info sooner but the original request was for
translations accompanied by Sanskrit text; as far as I know Prof
Miller's will be English only, again like the Gita, though with liberal
references to Sanskrit terms in her commentary. 
					-Peter D. Banos
					Columbia University Libraries

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