Puzzle about Sanskrit Contruction

Brendan S. Gillon CXBG at CA.MCGILL.MUSICA
Thu Sep 3 20:05:15 UTC 1992

Status: RO

I am looking for data or references which will help me determine
how English sentences of the following sort are rendered in
(1) the cake tastes bitter to Devadatta.
(2) the lotus smells sweet to Devadatta.
(3) the hand feels cold to Devadatta.
(4) the music sounds pleasant to Devadatta.
(5) the woman looks sad to Devadatta.
Below I append what results I have for those are interested in
the problem.
One treatment of the sentence in (1), brought to my attention by
Madhav Deshpande and confirmed by the entry for "svad" in Apte's
dictionary, is this:
(1.1) apuupam ku.tam Devadattaaya svadate.
Partial treatments of the sentences in (4) and (5) come from
sentences I have come across.
(4.1) samgiitam ramaniiyam 'sruyate.
(5.1) strii vi.sa.n.naa d.r'syate.
What remains a mystery in these two cases is whether the "to
Devadatta" part of the English should be rendered by a dative, as
in (1.1) or with an instrumental. The possibilities are given
(4.1.1) samgiitam ramaniiyam Devadattena 'sruyate.
(4.1.2) samgiitam ramaniiyam Devadattaaya 'sruyate.
(5.1.1) strii vi.sa.n.naa Devadattena d.r'syate.
(5.1.2) strii vi.sa.n.naa Devadattaaya d.r'syate.
Finally, I have no information pertaining to the sentences in (2)
and (3). In particular, I do not know whether ghraa and sp.r's
pattern with svad or with d.r's and 'sru. In other words, it is
not clear how to choose among the following options:
(2.1) kamalam ku.tam Devadattaaya jighrati.
(2.2) kamalam ku.tam Devadattena/Devadattaaya ghraayate.
(3.1) p$,im 's%tam Devadattena/Devadattaya sp'-ati.
(3.2) p$,im 's%tam Devadattena/Devadattaya sp'-yate.
Any speculation or data pertaining to this matter will be greatly
Brendan S. Gillon

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