Hinduism in Burma?

Wed Sep 2 22:15:58 UTC 1992

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A student of mine is interested in Hinduism in Burma in the first
millennium AD.  This is not an area with which I am familiar, so I
would be grateful for any help which you might be able to offer, which
I could pass on.  His questions are as follow:
Evidence suggests Hindu presence in Burma during the first millennium
AD, but the evidence stresses Vishnu rather than Siva.  Why is this?
Many of the surviving images of Vishnu depict him reclining on Shesha
with not one but three lotuses coming from his navel, on which are
supported Brahma, Siva and Visnu, the last being central.  Does anyone
know of a text relating such a myth?
I am also interested in Hinduism as a missionary religion, and its
ability to convert.
Could it be that Hinduism, rather than dying out in Burma under the
dominance of Theravada Buddhism, was in fact absorbed into the
indigenous cult of spirits (Nats), perhaps under state sponsorship?
Does anyone have any light to throw on a site in Burma called Sri
Ksetra, where a number of Vaisnava sculptures were found?
Finally, on a different topic all together, is there anything on eunuchs in
If you have ready references on any of this, I would be very grateful.
Julia Leslie

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