SOAS Hindu Studies Seminar timetable

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Thu Oct 1 11:35:40 UTC 1992

                             University of London
                      School of Oriental and African Studies
                 Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG
                            Tel. No. (071) 637 2388
                          HINDU STUDIES SEMINAR
                          Convenor: Dr. I. Julia Leslie
          Lectures will be held on TUESDAYS in Room G57 at 1.0 pm
Status: RO

Term 1
October 6       Understanding Traditional Hinduism
                        Professor Richard Gombrich (University of Oxford)
                        [Chair: Dr. Julia Leslie]
October 13      The Significance of Indian Religions for the Philosophy
                of Religion
                        Dr. Karel Werner (formerly of Durham University)
                        [Chair: Professor A. Piatigorsky]
October 20      The Horrors of Perfection: Contentious Interpretations of Sati
                in Traditional, Colonial and Contemporary Hinduism
                        Professor Paul B. Courtright (Emory University, USA)
                        [Chair: Dr. Julia Leslie]
October 27      Parasurama and the Yuganta
                        Dr. Lynn Thomas (Roehampton Institute)
                        [Dr. Renate Shnen-Thieme]
November 3      The Ahalya Story Through the Ages
                        Dr. Renate Soehnen-Thieme (SOAS)
                        [Prof. J.C. Wright]
November 10     Sectarianism: Jains and Others
                        Dr. Marcus Banks (University of Oxford)
                        [Chair: Peter Fluegel]
November 17     Worshipping the Ideal King: On the Social Implications
                of Medieval Jain Conversion Stories
                        Peter Fluegel (University of Mainz)
                        [Chair; Dr. Marcus Banks]
November 24     Mapping Hindu Monasteries
                        Dr. Donald M. Stadtner
                        [Chair: Dr. Giles Tillotson]
December 1      Reconstruction of Krsna: Bankimchandra's Krsnacaritra
                        Dr. Sudipta Kaviraj (SOAS)
                        [Chair: Dr. William Radice]
December 8      Religiosity, Eroticism and Humour in the Satsai of Biharilal
                        Dr. Rupert Snell (SOAS)
                        [Chair: Professor Christopher Shackle]
Enquiries:      Joan Ridgwell, Department of Religious Studies, SOAS.
                Tel. +44 71 323 6137

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