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David Magier magier at EDU.COLUMBIA.CC.CUNIXF
Wed Nov 25 15:24:36 UTC 1992

Dominik wrote:
> I *believe* there is even a way of having listserv do a subject or
> keyword search through the files, but I don't know offhand how to
> do that.
Try the following, which MAY work for using email on the internet to
search the INDOLOGY database:
========Start of information===========
To:listserv at
// job echo = no
database search dd=rules
//rules dd *
========End of needed information========
     ITEM - is the word or phrase that you want to search for.
     DATABASE - is the data base you wish to search.  In this case
                it is INDOLOGY
     BEGINNING and ENDING DATE - is the time period you wish to search
               in the following format yy/mm/dd
NOTE: You do not need the ending date.
You may want to add one of the following to the end of the command string.
     index - to receive a listing of the messages that your search locates
     list - same as above.
     print ### - to receive a print out of the message.  You must have
            the number of the message you wish to receive.
I believe these procedures will cause the listserv to send you a
listing of particular postings that contain your keywords, within the
time frame you list. Each posting will have a unique number, which you
can then use to request the full text of that particular posting that
you want. More experienced netters: please post corrections here if I
have incorrectly listed the procedure. Let us know if this works,
since the archive-searching function can be very useful.

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