Machine-readable texts

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at NO.UIO.EASTEUR-ORIENT
Wed Nov 11 10:22:37 UTC 1992

To all list members!
Some days ago I sent you a letter hoping to acquire / swap machine-readable
texts in sanskrit, pali or prakrit with those of you who might be
interested. Just after I sent my letter, something happened to my mail
partition on the Unix disk, and I ended up with a gigantic mail file 12 MB
large, where old and new messages had copied themselves endlessly upon
other messages in such a manner that disentanglement is out of the
I must therefore ask those of you - if any!  - who have answered my request
to repeat your answers. I am sorry about this, but it can't be helped.
Regards, Lars Martin Fosse
Lars Martin Fosse
Department of East European
and Oriental Studies
P. O. Box 1030, Blindern
N-0315 OSLO Norway
Tel: +47 2 85 68 48
Fax: +47 2 85 41 40
E-mail: fosse at

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