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D. Carpenter sjuphil!dcarpent at COM.PSI.UU
Thu Mar 5 23:00:28 UTC 1992

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I'm not sure if the following is an appropriate question for
this forum. If it isn't, please feel free to set me straight.
A student of mine asked for some clarifications on a verse
from the Mahabharata wwhere Amba is taking her leave of King
Salva, and stating her resolve to take to a life of wandering.
Van Buitenen translates the verse (MB 5.172.20) as follows:
"May the strict be my shelter, wherever I go, rejected by you:
it is true what I have said."
The text is as follows:
tvayaa tyaktaa gami.syaami yatra yatra vi'saa.m pate |
tatra me santu gataya.h santa.h satya.m yathaabruvam ||
My student's question is:  Who are the "strict"?
Would someone care to suggest a more literal translation?
I don't see where van Buitenen is getting the idea of either
"the strict" or "shelter."  I assume that the crucial
phrase is "gataya.h santa.h" but I am sure how to translate
Thanks in advance for any light that anyone can shed on this.
David Carpenter

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