Help with a "Directory of Indology"

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Tue Mar 3 21:22:36 UTC 1992

Status: RO

The Department of Indology at SOAS (London) today had one of
their normal meetings, and amongst the miscellaneous points
on the agenda was the following:
"Increasingly there are calls from various quarters for addresses
of other centres of Indology/Indian Studies, for mailshots, job
advertisements, and other contacts.  Does anyone know of a reasonably
full listing of institutions (worldwide)?"
This INDOLOGY forum is probably the most "global" existing
group of communicating Indologists, and I am sending a copy of
the output of the "review indology" mailbase command to SOAS.
But SOAS Indologists would be grateful for information that
INDOLOGY members might have about any such listings of relevant
[A year or two I saw a listing of German Indologists --  i.e.,
not Indologists in Germany, but actually Indologists of German birth,
in any other country as well.  So Emmerick was omitted (Australian
in Hamburg) but Menski was included (German in London).  A deeply
reprehensible listing, for that reason, in my view.  But at a purely
clerical level, of some use, especially for its coverage
of Germany.  Anyway, I digress; I think that Tuvia Gelblum at
SOAS has a copy of that.]
Reply to me: I'll forward on paper to the appropriate people.
Best wishes,

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