Request for suggestions on teaching about Varanasi

Tue Jun 16 15:47:49 UTC 1992

Status: RO

I am in total disagreement with Mr. Ashok Gupta's evaluation of Amar Chitra
Katha books. I have not kept up with the series' books in the recent years but
my guess is that they must not be different from the earlier ones. Children of
Indian origin have learned a lot about Indian history, religion and mythology
fromthese books. If my memory serves me right the series has books on
important personalities of other religions also. Even if the majority of them
are concerned with Hinduism it should be looked upon in its historical and
statiscal perspective. Hinduism forms an important and a significant portion
of India's historical and philosophical profile. Maybe Mr. Gupta has some
specific objections about the series as an instrument of depecting India in
its true sense. If he does, I will like to see his comments with more
specificity. About original souces of information about Varanasi, I think
Diana Eck should be contacted directly. I doubt anybody around knows on this
subject more than she does. - Surendra Gambhir

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