National scandal: Ganesha being sold as a "monster"!

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Fri Jun 5 15:02:38 UTC 1992

Status: RO

 > Dominik:
 > 	How on earth could a figure with a big belly and an elephant's
 > head be mistaken for a depiction of Gandhi?
No, no, it was Ganesha!  I have now heard the radio programme,
and the details I originally posted are substantially correct.
The toy was called "A Pocket Full of Monsters".  It's a reflection
of the times, I suppose, that this is what children rush out
to buy.  The toy has been withdrawn.  A puzzled market researcher
was also interviewed on the programme, and he couldn't understand
how Matchbox could have made such a mistake, since all new products
brought to market by such companies are regularly tested for
acceptability in multicultural group tests.  I imagine that's why you don't
export a deodorant to Germany under the name Mist.  Und so weiter. :-)

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