National scandal: Ganesha being sold as a "monster"!

Fri Jun 5 15:51:16 UTC 1992

Status: RO

How does Gandhi come into the picture? I do not follow that. Going back to the
original issue, I think that depiction of Ganesh as a monster is a serious
error on the part of matchbox industry people. It needs to be impressed upon
them from hundreds of different directions that playing with the religious
sentiments of people can have very serious consequences. I don't think
devotees or admirers of god Ganesh will pass a death sentence on the
wrong-doers but they woul d like to see them publicly apologizing for their
mistake with a promise that they will be more careful in future. If possible,
the matchbox industry leaders should take a couple of courses in South Asian
studies to learn that whom they took lightly is a mighty god in Hinduism. It
is not a surprise that Lord Ganesh, who is widely worshipped as a remover of
obstacles in all human undertakings, stood in the way of Matchbox people
because he was mistreated. One thing that I am not clear about is wheter the
matchbox people had mentioned his name too. I would like to get some more
details of the original problem. - Surendra Gambhir

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