Malayalam font (still in progress...)

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Tue Jul 21 11:29:11 UTC 1992

INDOLOGISTs will be pleased to hear that Jeroen Hellingman is
nearly finished with a new Metafont of the Malayalam script.
Jeroen says,
I don't mind if you tell people about it, but it is not completely ready
for distribution now, so people who want to use will have to wait for
I guess about a month from now. I am still having some problems with
TeX, both the preprocessor and the font need to be refined and debugged,
and I have to get the spacing right.
But progress is still steady, and now I have a preprocessor in working
order, which is table driven, a bit modular, and thus easily adaptable to other
scripts. (This will save me time in future projects).
For those who are not conversant with Metafont, it is a font-description
language and compiler which -- given a detailed description of a font --
can generate font bitmap files at any resolution, with fine tuning for
any particular printing device (dot matrix, laser, typesetter, screen).
Such fonts are used with TeX and some other systems like Scribe, and some
roff variants.
Jeroen's address is
Jeroen Hellingman                 E-mail: <jhelling at>
't Zand 2                         Phone: +31-3473-73935 (home)
4133 TB Vianen                    (18.00--21.00 GMT)
The Netherlands                   Answer in English, German, or Dutch.
but don't contact him about the Malayalam if you can help it.  I'll make
an announcement here as soon as anything is generally available.
Best wishes,

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