Velthuis Devanagari fonts for Macintosh TeX (OzTeX)

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Subject: Velthuis Devanagari fonts for OzTeX
The Velthuis Devanagari fonts are now available for use with OzTeX: the
pre-processor was compiled by Peter Robinson from the "Computers and
Manuscripts" project and many thanks are due to him for this task. The
manual accompanying the fonts/pre-processor is available as an OzTeX DVI
The pre-processor has been used on the test file with success: it has not
however been subjected to a more lengthy test--feedback welcome. Send it
to me and not to the list please.
Stephen Miller
stephen at
            { I've copied this into the UK TeX Archive in
       [tex-archive.mac.oztex.contrib]devanagari09.hqx  --Ed.}
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    FLI files for P6M, 5 pounds sterling:  specify Set D.
    For general enquiries, and a free catalogue detailing other disk
    formats, precompiled fonts and lots of other goodies, contact:
    Eigen PD Software, P.O. Box 722, Swindon SN2 6YB  (tel: 0793-611270)
    (JANET e-mail address: kellett at
\subsection TeX for the Atari ST
    All enquiries for disks etc. should be directed to:
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    (JANET e-mail address: mdryden at
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            Outside Europe please enquire.
    8mm tapes:
            UK: 1.00,  Europe: 2.00.
    Quarter-inch cartridges:
            UK: 1.00,  Europe: 2.00.
    Quantity/Size   Europe   World    UK 1st   UK 2nd
      18/3.5"        3.10     5.10     1.40     1.10
      11/3.5"        1.80     2.90     0.80     0.65
      18/5.25"       1.20     2.00     0.60     0.50
      11/5.25"       0.80     1.30     0.50     0.35
    Please include SELF-ADDRESSED ADHESIVE LABELS for return postage.
    Peter Abbott
    Information Systems, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET
    David Osborne
    Cripps Computing Centre, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD
    (for Quarter-inch cartridges ONLY -- must include stamps for return postage)
    For details, contact:
    Geeti Granger, Text Processing Dept, John Wiley & Sons,
    Baffins Lane, Chichester, W Sussex PO19 1UD  (tel: 0243 770329)
 or David Penfold, Edgerton Publishing Services,
    30 Edgerton Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield HD3 3AD (tel: 0484 519462)
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