Some new items of information:

madhav.deshpande at EDU.UMICH.CC.UM madhav.deshpande at EDU.UMICH.CC.UM
Fri Jul 10 16:57:08 UTC 1992

        For those who use Macintosh computers:  I have designed a Roman

diacritics postscript font called Manjushree which provides all the
diacritics for Roman characters I could think of.  Secondly, I am also
close to finishing work on a Devanagari font called Madhushree.  This
font closely imitates the Nirnayasagara Devanagari.  Anybody interested
to know more about should contact me:
        Madhav Deshpande, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures,
        University of Michigan, 3070 Frieze Building, Ann Arbor, MI 48109,
    Second item of information is that Kluwer Publishers recently
published as volume 13 of their Studies of Classical India the
following book of mine:
        The Meaning of Nouns, Semantic Theory in Classical and
        Medieval India.  Namarthanirnaya of Kaundabhatta.  Trans.
        and annotated by Madhav M. Deshpande.
    Madhav Deshpande

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