Kerala Astronomy query

Mon Feb 24 22:15:25 UTC 1992

I have this query from a colleague, and I wonder if any of you can help:
Calling all Indiologists, Archaeo-astronomers, etc!!!!!!!!
I know of someone in Kerala (State in SW India) who's writing a book on the
history of Kerala Astronomy, in particular (I quote) "I wish to show the
development of the concept of cosmos by the Keralite astronomoers of the
14th & 15th centuries".
Apparently a lot of the relevant works/books (including some from Missionaries)
have been translated into English,German,etc. and are unavailable in India.
I have been looking through the UL Computer (borrowable books) and have a list
of books which I think will be relevant. Can anyone help?
Anyone into Indology, and I can pass their address on? (I very much doubt he
has International E-Mail Access)
Please send replies to RMM16 at UK.AC.CAM.PHX.  Thank you for your time.

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