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I thought INDOLOGISTs might be interested in this new text archive
at the ANU:
[PS  If all you INDOLOGISTs are also members of BUDDHA-L, then I'll
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
COOMBSPAPERS DATA BANK was established on 3 December 1991 to act as an
electronic repository of the social science & humanities papers, offprints,
departmental publications, bibliographies, directories, abstracts of theses
and other high-grade research material produced (or deposited) at the
School of Pacific Studies and Research School of Social Sciences,
Australian National
University, Canberra.
In addition, COOMBSPAPERS DATA BANK  is intended  to serve also as a major
Australian electronic repository of research materials dealing with the
Pacific Region,
SouthEast and NorthEast Asia, as well as Buddhism, Taoism and other
Researchers in Australia and overseas are warmly invited to deposit with
this Data
Bank any high-grade documents which are not already copyrighted by someone
and which they wish to disseminate via the AARNET/INTERNET and other
networks. All research documents send to the Coombspapers via ftp should be
in the /ftp/coombspapers/inboundpapers subdirectory.
Please direct any inquiries to:
Dr T. Matthew Ciolek,
Coombspapers Administrator,
Coombs Computing Unit, RSPacS/RSSS,
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
ph +61 6 249 4016  e-mail (INTERNET) coombspapers at
Abbreviations used:
xxx.hqx	:   a file which has been Stuffed and Binhexed .To make it readible
again decode it
           with StuffIt  (Mac) programme.
xxx.txt	:  ASCII format, a plain text file
xxx.xx.Z:  compressed  file.To make it readible again use UNIX
           command 'uncompress filename' (eg. uncompress africa.txt.Z)
All documents listed below can be acquired from a sub-directory
coombspapers via anonymous
 FTP on the node COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU
Documents stored at  which may be of possible interest to
Buddhist Studies :
	china-languages-atlas.txt - inf. about The Language Atlas of China
	pacific-languages-atlas.txt -inf. about Language Atlas of the Pacific Area
			edited by Stephen A. Wurm and Shiro Hattori
	internet-voyager.txt - 1992 Social Scientist's Electronic Voyager
			 GuideBook to AARNET/INTERNET Online Inf. Services
	davis-card-index.hqx.Z - HC stack with research data of the late
					 Dr. Richard Davis
	thai-yunnan-bibl.hqx.Z - HC stack with Thai-Yunnan bibliography
(A repository of research materials relevant to Buddhist studies)
	buddhist-etexts-info.txt - 1990 list of machine-readable Buddhist texts
	canonical-buddhist-texts.txt - a summary list of Canonical Buddhist texts
	sakya-lam-bras-bibl.txt.Z - Lama Choedak Yuthok's complete catalogue of
Sakya Lam 'Bras
	tibetan-buddhism-1bibl.txt.Z - Dr. Geofferey Samuel's  references (up to
early 1991)
	tibetan-buddhism-2bibl.txt.Z    to research on  Tibetan societies and
religion (Buddhism &
	about-diamond-sangha.txt - inf. leaflet
	about-sydney-zen-centre.txt - inf. leaflet
	daily-zen-sutras.txt - Sanbo Kyodan (Three Treasures) sutras (in English)
	meals-zen-sutras.txt - Sanbo Kyodan (Three Treasures) sutras (in English)
	modern-zen-bibl.txt - references to modern Zen Buddhism (1600-present)
	zen-precepts.txt - Sanbo Kyodan (Three Treasures) sutras (in English)
	zen-shodoka.txt - Sanbo Kyodan (Three Treasures) sutras (in English)
	LIBRARIES.TXT - Jan 92 list of on-line bibliographic databases and
	compare-calendars.hqx - HC stack for computing Julian & Gregorian
calendars for
			 1AD - 3000AD - worldwide directory of electronic periodicals
	e-text.archives.txt.Z - 1990 worldwide directory of repositories
electronic texts
			and documents
	japan.inf.txt.Z - how to send and receive *real* Japanese text (i.e., kana
and kanji)
			 using electronic mail.
	oxford.etext.archives.txt.Z - catalogue of the Oxford Text Archive of
			readable texts
end of file
- - -
thank you for any assistance you can give me with distribution of the above
Dr T. Matthew Ciolek, Coombs Computing Unit, RSPacS/RSSS
Australian National University, GPO Box 4, Canberra  A.C.T.  2601.
Phone  (Intl.)  61 6 249 4016,   Fax     (Intl.)  61 6 257 1893
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