Manjushree Roman Diacritics Font

madhav.deshpande at EDU.UMICH.CC.UM madhav.deshpande at EDU.UMICH.CC.UM
Mon Aug 17 15:27:46 UTC 1992

Dear Dominik,
        Thanks for your enthusiastic response.  It would indeed be possible
to move this font to TEX, as well as use it on Windows.  I would probably
be trying out such transportations in the future.  While I will be in India
from September 10 to March 10, and working hopefully exclusively on
editing and translating the Shaunakiya Caturaadhyaayikaa, I do intend to
pursue the font development.  If you could send me more details of conversion
from postscript to TEX and to HP, I may be able to save some time.

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