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Dear Chris,
I am a recent subscriber to INDOLOGY.  If appropriate, would you mind posting
the following query to the list?  Thank you. -- R. Scott deLahunta
Can anyone on this discussion list illuminate for me contemporary roles and
representations of the Vidusaka (clown of Sanskrit drama)?  For example - I
know that the Vidusaka is a central character in the Kutiyattam of Kerala, but
wonder if he can be found as a character in any of the shadow puppetry of
Southern India?  In addition, I would like to know if iconic representations
exist of the Vidusaka (similar to the ones which exist for Semar, clown of
Indonesian Wayang Kulit).
I am currently a graduate student at NYU and writing a paper on the Vidusaka.
I have found plenty of history (natyasastra, etc.) and dramatic analysis of
this character, but little of current socio-cultural significance.
Please respond to me directly, thank you.
R. Scott deLahunta
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New York, NY 10002
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