Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Fri Sep 13 19:43:23 UTC 1991

      i wonder whether these usenet lists also have logs which could be retriev
  > ed
      from some site through ftp? i would even prefer to get may information th
  > at
      way because then i can go through them with some searches for key words.
  > i also
      dislike reading 30 e-mails a day but one never knows what turns up.

(Sorry about the strange layout of the quoted text above.  We have
a new Unix system here -- AIX  -- and several old workhorse programs
like mail seem to have developed little glitches.)
Some of the usenet groups are indeed archived, especially those
which distribute programs, both sources and binaries.  But
the discussion groups are less likely to be archived, and in the
case of soc.culture.india I am almost certain that the discussion
is not archived.  Unless some individual with an exceptionally
strong hoarding instinct is doing it privately.  The only way
to find out is to join up and ask the question.

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